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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 26, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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♪ till you find ♪ he's no good girl ♪ no good for you ♪ you better get to getting on your good-bye shoes ♪ >> jimmy: carrie underwood's cd "blown away" is out now. you can see a bonus song at i want to thank anthony anderson, dr. phil and apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time. we will reschedule him. thank you for watching. good night.
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good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. a man was shot while driving his car. sky 7 hd was over the scene. >> it happened in menlo park, the car was discovered in redwood city. >> reporter: police knew there was shooting but they didn't know where the victim was. they finally tracked him down to this area of 101 in the northbound lanes south of woodside road. >> this traffic mess on
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northbound 101 just south of woodside road is actually the aftermath of a shooting in menlo park. police originally thought it happened on the dumbarton bridge. later they discovered it was on bay front between university and willow the victim had just driven over the bridge. >> he stopped at the light at university.he continued westbouy front expressway. he saw the vehicle moving through traffic to try to catch up to him and started shooting at his vehicle. >> instead of pulling over, the victim took off. >> he continued driving and made phone calls. one of those people called 911 and we were able to locate him. >> an ambulance took the victim to stanford medical center, his injuries are non life-threatening. his chevy was taken to the police department for processing because they also responded to the call. >> as for the investigation, all
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police will say they are looking for a green compacted car. that is all we have to go on at this point. memorial day weekend is just beginning and we've already had a couple close calls at san francisco beaches. rescuers pulled a swimer to shore at crissy field and helped a climb they are the sea cliff area. tomas ramon is live wherever the coastguard is expecting an increase in these kinds of calls this weekend. >> reporter: hundreds of boats like those behind me will be on the bay for the memorial day weekend and the coastguard says they be out in force. they are asking people who will be near the water to avoid repeating today's two frightening incidents. >> this is the kind of cliff rescue that is becoming too common in the bay area. at about 1:30, firefighters were call to doold sea cliff avenue.
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on the stretcher is a boy add a along with a boy. >> one got stuck and other one went back down and called 911 to get us to respond. >> both boys are fine. these photos of the coastguard rescue were taken about 2:45. you can see coastguard swimmers plucking a teen out of bay near the yacht club on east beach. he saw the teens flashing and saying the next thing he knew a helicopterhelicopterad and soon the teen was brought ashore. >> they put him down and he looked a little dazed. he looked like he was on his side. >> this young man was also taken to the hospital for evaluation. these two incidents show need for common sense this memorial day weekend according to the coastguard. >> we anticipate there will be a lot of people on the water. we also have a schedule of the
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u.s.s. iowa. >> they will go to the new home in southern california and will attract many boaters. the anniversary of the golden gate will bring a lot of people out. they will be on out water this weekend and doing exactly what the coastguard zblugh they make sure we have life vests, flares and horns, both are in good condition. >> reporter: the coastguard also want to make sure that all the boats on the water are sea worthy. they are asking people not to drink and boat. family of a man who drowned in alameda while rescue crews stood by and do did nothing is suing the county. he waded into the water off of crown beach in an attempt to kill himself. city officials say the firefighters did not act because they were not trained for water
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rescues. the sister and brother are accusing the city now of negligence in a wrongful death lawsuit. the friends will hold a memorial at the beach at 4:00 p.m. >> new details about the body of a woman discovered in a track can in pleasanton. the remains are not believed to be missing morgan hill sierra lamar. they are releasing a description in the hopes that somebody will be able to identify her. she has dark hair and old navy t-shirt and wearing blue fingernail polish. >> a concert to in the find sierra lamar fund raised money. police gathered at the winery for a live auction and music. they are asking volunteers to take time off to for their daughter this holiday weekend. she vanished more than two months ago.
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police believe she was murdered. san francisco police have released videoew video taken mos before an assault at golden gate park that left a manl condition. they there were a lot of people there. it's in the eastern end of the park. police believe the 31-year-old victim was here just before the attack. he was dressed and out celebrating with friends following the bay to breakers race. >> san francisco suspended sheriff is still not allowed to talk to his wife. today a judge turned down ross mirkarimi's permission to call his wife. mirkarimi has not spoken to her for more than four months because of a restraining order in their domestic violence case. >> it's political. they are trying to do anything they can and they are trying to
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break me by undermining the integrity of my family. >> dan noyes traveled to venezuela to interview her fosmt see the interview with her and mirkarimi, go to and look under i-team. >> still to come caught on video, a skydiving birthday celebration nearly ends in tragedy. >> he said he was halfway to hell and halfway to heaven and neither place wanted him so he kept on working. >> and ironman, legacy lives on and the family he inspired and then on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline," the surge in hidden airline fees from overhead space to water. if you are not careful it can actually double your ticket price. fatherhood, the owner's manual, one man's attempt to man up for his son.
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that is on "nightline". stay with us. abc news at 11:00 continues
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the pre-petitioned for the 75th ann gate blden gate bridge. when it opened in 1937 the bridge during the great depression became the longest suspension span. during a celebration today, governor brown says we shouldn't be afraid of bold projects even in times of hardship. >> don't shrink because you have a few little budget cuts or a few little taxes.
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you know, suck it in. >> a plaque altering a person was unveiled today. he designed the bridge and right hand handyman of joseph strauss who designed the bridge. >> there are only a handful of people that can look at it and saying their grandfather worked on it. >> or fewer still that they fell from it. >> heather ishimaru has an amazing story. >> al was already a seasoned iron worker by the time this picture was taken on the froj proj in 1935. >> one of the first spans in the bay area. >> he worked on jobs across the western states becoming not just an iron worker but a bridge man, working at heights in the elements hanging steel and driving rivets. >> they always would say, you
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would have a drink or say, 90% guts and 10% no how. >> and then he spotted his next job. >> they could see the towers going up in the golden gate. they said we got to get on. they want to get on the big job. they want to be able to say, i worked on that job. later they become monuments. >> he almost didn't survive that job. a safety net broke his fall but he spent 12 weeks in the hospital with a multitude of shattered bones and then went back to work. he was a founding member of halfway to hell club. >> he said he was halfway to hell and halfway to heaven and neither place wanted them. >> he was one year old when al fell. against his mother's wishes, dick, too, became an iron work earned a union leader. and so did his friend and now a
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fourth generation, they are all iron workers. >> every job site i'm t told i t big boots to fill. >> johnny is working on the new san francisco general hospital project and spent one month at a apprentice trainingship center. it lasts four years. in the grandfather's day there was no training except what you got on the job. >> the training was evolved. wages and benefits have increased dramatically, bottom line, it's still hard ass work. there is no getting around it. >> the golden gate bridge was the first all union project. now, the grandson is an union leader. >> in the day when he built the golden gate, there were probably in the thousands of workers. now building of the new bay bridge, it's maybe 10 percent of
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the amount. >> later in life, al became a kind of icon himself. representative of the iron workers that helped shape the bay area as we know it. a new carquinez replaced the original. he died a few weeks before it was officially named after him. >> there is no replacing that man. >> his family is the living legacy, four generations and counting. heather ishimaru, "abc 7 news." >> of course the golden gate bridge celebration takes place this sunday. there will be concerts and exhibits all day long at fort point, presidio and marina green. main event is the fireworks show at 9:30. we have all the details at find it on see it on tv. >> bridge will be shut down between 9:00 through 10:00 for
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fireworks but is that not the only traffic change this weekend. dumbarton is closed right now. this is video of some of the last cars to drive tonight before caltrans shut it down about 45 minutes for seismic retrofit work. that project is expected to take until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday when commuters head back to work. next ten days, the entire judah and church light rail lines are closed for construction work. muni will be running us along those routes. our waze smart phone app can help you navigate. details are at >> if you wear shorts your way to tahoe, you made a bad choice. winter weather advisory was in effect. snow begin sticking to the ground around truckee and higher elevations, drivers had to contend with some whiteouts. >> remember it's june in a few
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days. >> it's really remarkable. >> it's really late in the season. it looked more like winter than late spring weather in the sierra nevada. let me show you live doppler. things are quieting down. just an isolated shower showing up right around the fairfield area, peabody road getting wet but very light. as we take you through time here the showers have been coming in from north to south associated with an upper-level low. sierra nevada did pick up snoursz and winter weather advisory has expired, still expecting snow snow in the overnight hours and scattered showers, coming up from 5,000 to 7,000 feet tomorrow. so likely see more rain showers than snow showers. look what it looked like from heavenly camera. 8300 feet. it didn't amount to a whole lot
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but we did have flakes up there. here in the bay area, high definition camera, lovely view, raindrops and mix of everything. if you were caught in one of those showers, briefly could it could have been heavy, trace amounts at .04 and we do have cloud cover out there. highlights, few showers overnight. milder for the holiday weekend and warmer pattern is coming next week. here is the low that brought thus cold weather, 5-15 degrees cooler than normal. the showers and snow in the sierra but this low is shift offing to the south and east. as it pulls out of here we will see change. here is the computer animation, a couple of showers maybe in the wee hours of the morning, perhaps drizzle in the morning. watch what happens, another piece of energy is going to rotate on the backside of that
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low. tomorrow in the afternoon, north bay hills, possibly could see an isolated shower or two developing. a realize late chance. i wouldn't reschedule your plans for saturday. it's looking fine for the rest of the holiday weekend. it's going to be milder as higher pressure builds in and temp temperatures coming up a few degrees for sunday and monday. breezy out in the morning. mid 40s to low 50s but we're not expecting a windy days that we have been experiencing. lighter winds especially sunday and monday. breezy tomorrow afternoon. we'll call it partly cloudy. possibly built 6 an isolated shower or two. numbers ranging from the upper 50s to low 70s around the monterey bay, 58. 67 in morgan hill. it's a big weekend especially sunday. golden gate bridge, 75th anniversary.
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at 11:00, 64 degrees, 60 in the afternoon and when the fireworks go off, 56 degrees and partly cloudy, breezy, beautiful weather. here is a look at seven-day forecast, warm it up a little more, sunday and monday. really warms up mid 80s inland by middle to latter part of next week and mid-60s around the coast. >> finally. >> thanks. >> coming up next, bachelorettes are now banned at a california bar. >> they say it's a political
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>> terry: party is over for bachelorettes at a bar famous for hosting them. they say it's the best bar but so popular with the straight community they host several bachelorette parties.
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owner says no more and most patrons seem to agree. >> i think it's important for the community to support the rights of gay community, as well. >> i love straight ladies. i love gay men. i wish we could all love each other. >> the owner says he is hoping to start a national movement with it. >> here is another reason to think twice before jumping out of an airplane. a woman skydiving almost slips out of the harness. they hurdle toward earth at 125. they are in a panic to save her. they managed to land but not hurt. it happened about a year ago but the video just hit the internet. faa is investigating. can you imagine how terrifying she was? >> good reason never to do that. [ laughter ] >> that was awful.
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>> that is frightening. >> i have a sports version. tim lincecum is his own free fall. giants searching for answers.
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♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? good evening, it's now officially panic time. tim lincecum is down to a vulnerable pitcher. more questions. he is tr to stay and locked in on every pitch. two out single and one scores.
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2-0 giants. crawford is cut down on the play. he had gone 50 innings without allowing a homer. and who put that up? still up 2-1 in the fifth. josh johnson, 3-1 giants, and one bad inning, chris coghlan, he was hitting .104. he gave up six runs and 2-5. >> runner on for cabrera, ends it. giants lose 7-6. >> a's open with the evil empire the new york yankees and nick swisher leaving his mark. reggie jackson, part of the yankees front office, this is $180 million, mark was slumping
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but two-run jack to the right. a's get on on in the fourth. his 12th homer of the year, 3-1 game. you are not going to out muscle the bronx bombers. robinson, high and deep and aloha, solo jack, three batters later, swisher's turn, a laser for a two-run bomb. yankees with 33 in the house, they win it. >> manny ramirez, first inning, he is hitting .250 at a river cat. he is eligible to join the a's and the need his bat. sometimes honesty is not the best policy, alex smith and panthers has taken offense, smith says it's all about wins
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but alex should have better numbers in 2012. is he had stopped there with the comments then he mentioned newton. >> to the honest truth i couldn't care less i thin. i think that is totally overblown stat because if you are losing games you are like the carolina panthers. you are not winning though. >> in response, carolina tweeted amex lek smith, junior stats would have gotten you cut. that is after a 13-3 year. in case you are wondering the 49ers and panthers do not meet each other. that is fortunate after this.
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>> thanks for joining us. we continue tomorrow morning starting at 5:00. we're available online and facebook and twitter. >> have a great weekend.8xñ!ñcñs
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hey everybody i'm lisa quinn. welcome home. this weeks makeover is for a little girl named hannah. not so little she's about to turn thirteen. so let's meet her and her mom and she what she hopes for for her room makeover. steven is my husband, hannah's dad and it's the three of us who lives here and we came to the u.s. 17 years ago and we've lived in san jose the whole time.


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